Monday, August 25, 2014

Hair Growth

Hair it is!!!

Photo Montage

Here is an (almost) wordless account of our trip to Los Angeles. 
This one is just because. It was actually taken a few days before we left. 

Leaaaaavin, on a jet plane! This is where I started to get a bit twitchy about the whole baby on a plane thing.

But it turned out, Jack loved it! 

Loungin at the hotel after the taping. 

Enjoying room service. 

We rode the bus to Santa Monica. It took F O R E V E R, and on the way back, Jack peed on me! 

How I feel about baby pee. How Jack feels about the bus, generally. 

Mama! Turn the beat up! This was on the way home- before the babypocalypse.

So, sorry to underwhelm you with all those pics. I really did not take that many. My phone was pretty much dying the whole time, and every time I turned around Jim was like LOOK! Look!  So I couldn't be messin with snapping photos. I have a SHIT TON of pics of the Hollywood stars outside our hotel.

All the daddies were snapping photos of the Chuck Norris star. Leave me your best Chuck Norris Joke in the comments!

We stayed at The Hotel Roosevelt, which was really cute. The food was amazing. On the last day, we had a HUGE room service credit, so we ordered a feast.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Are Baaaaaack

We are finally finally FINALLY home from Los Angeles. It was a whirlwind trip, punctuated by a lot of highs and lows. Traveling with a  toddler, it turns out, is fuckin' HARD.

Isn't that the understatement of the century?

Jack did really well, considering. He slept most of the second leg on the way there, and then the entire first one on the way back. The last flight, however, he turned into monster baby. I don't even want to talk about it. I can't believe my sweet angel would play me like that. Ugh. The good thing is, I think I managed to keep him on East Coast time, because he has been pretty good with sleep since we returned last night around 2 am. I guess that was "this morning." I shouldn't be blogging! I should be sleeping. See how much I love you guys?

I am still itching to tell you the news. I briefly blogged about it a few weeks ago, but removed it at the request of the TV showe I am supposed to be appearing on. I think it's ok for me to say I am going on TV, so there you have it.

We famous, bitches!

It is a strange feeling, because I have been talking about it  lot. Friends, family, even strangers. A common reaction is for people to freak out- "that's so COOL!" They get really excited then they realize that the reason it is happening is my cancer. You can see the thoughts flash across their faces as they realize they may have committed some kind of faux pas. Too bad they don't know me that well, like you guys. Ha! I will talk about anything! I am shameless! And I am pretty sure that having cancer would have happened with or without my cool trip to Los Angeles. So, I will take it.

In LA, we were like a couple of freaken Kardashians! Traveling in black cars, getting cool hotel upgrades. As it turned out, they put us in sort of a lame room. It was tiny and smelled weird. But the morning after we filmed the show (more on that later,) we met the COO in the elevator. For once, my big mouth got me out of trouble instead of into it. I made some comment about how his floor (12) was probably really nice, and how my room didn't have a view. He offered to trade with us! At first I was like um no that's ok, thinking he was some kind of weirdo. But then he said it again and Jim was like well ok, lets switch. This guy gets off the elevator and is telling the bellhop to get us a better room with a view, and he's all "ok, Mr. Blass, no problem, Mr. Blass...." Finally, I'm like, who is that? And he says, he runs the whole hotel.

Cue that Beyonce song thats all: Lemme Upgraaade Ya.

Hells, yah!

We had a good time. I am going to put this post up but go back and edit with some photos, tomorrow when I have the chance to sync my phone.

We also got to go to a Ghiardelli ice cream parlor, which was heavenly. Detox diet for real needs to start this week, because we ate so much crap.

Talk tomorrow, kittens. For now I am like:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In less than 12 hours, Jack, Jim and I will be taking our first ever cross-country trip! We are headed to Los Angeles for a few days.

Kiiiiinda can't believe it. I wanted to take this time to thank those of you who have been following me .... before. You officially get street cred for knowing me "before I blew up." For those of you who know me, you know I am trying to be funny here. And for those of you who know Jim, you know he would deadpan about how un-funny I truly am.

A warm welcome those of you who are new here. I look forward to continuing to share my story with you. Right now, I am definitely in Act 2 of the Chemosabi Chronicles.

I have been going through some old  photos and taking a walk down memory lane for sure. So, since I need to keep certain mysterious details under wraps, I am going to entertain you with a modified throwback post. I know its Monday, so. There is no "tbt" or "wbw," by the way, I had to google the latter. Enjoy the best offerings, and wish us the best on our flight with a raucous 1 and a half year old.

Also, be sure to stay tuned a week or two, cause I have some big big big news coming, you aren't going to want to miss.

Remember this?

This was from the time we had to go to the hospital because we thought there was something up with Jack's bloodwork. I remember I was so so so scared but also, pretty mad that Jim was making me wear the mask. It must have been early in my treatment, though, because I still have hair. 

I can't remember when I posted this, but it was taken right before we headed to Graham and Nitya's wedding- when I was "in remission," and still believed it meant something. If you don't recall, they said remission, then sent my bloods to another lab and were like, siiiike! Fun times. Any-whoo

This is one of my faves. Jack looks like a funny little marionette. 

See you in a few days for updates on my big news. *Wink*

Also, I have been wrangled into creating this page for Jack by a good friend with great ideas, who could charm the pants off a naked man. Love you, biggie. If you want to contribute to Jack's college fund, so he can grow up and cure choriocarcinoma, you can use the link below.

Click to Donate to Jack's college fund