Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Mexico

We are having lunch at this awesome, authentic little place. 

Then, we had to see our friends off. They went back to their fabulous life in good old NYC. 

Now, I'm just relaxing around the house until tomorrow when I have chemo. Maybe Jim and I will cook something laid back for dinner and just chill. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going to the Beach and Lavender Fields

Lavender fields. 

I bought a plant for my yard. It's this variety, called Provence. Mine is much smaller and only has one flower but it smells lovely. 

He's all set! 

Relaxation at its finest. 

Then we went on down to Rehoboth Beach to check out the boardwalk and have lunch. 
Just something cool I saw in a store window. I think it was supposed to be jellyfish and their habitat or something. 
Chilling on the patio at The Greene Turtle where we had a great lunch. 
Taking pictures of people taking pickchas. 

So far, such a lovely day!

Sick Today

Woke up today around 5:30 AM feeling blah. I hadn't needed to take compazine, and had run out of Zofran. My insurance co will only pay for one a day, what? It's nowhere near enough for the drugs they are throwing at me, nausea wise. Both compazine and Zofran are antiemetic-medications designed to keep you from puking. They are amazing and work very well. I think I just overate....

So, I took compazine and Pepcid for heartburn and Ativan to take the edge off; but its taking its sweet time working. Last time this happened  I was shaking like a chihuahua and begging Jim to make it stop for over an hour. This time I was more seasoned. I just took the meds and woke up about 3 hours later feeling much better. Somewhat fatigued...

I am just chilling with Jack while Jim catches some zZzZzs

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Hipsters Have Arrived

And they are wearing skinny jeans. Not really. But they have the capacity to be wearing them. 

They brought me these amazing gifts:
Macaroons from France. FROM FRANCE. Like they were there yesterday. They were amazing. I ate every single one. I shared a small bite of each with Jim. Except one chocolate one. 

Beach bum gear for Jack....

Lush goodies which is so amazing, including two "king of skin."  I was just in the shower, moments before wondering if anyone was going to send me some of that. 

So happy to just relax, have some drinks and chill with old friends. 

Jack Paints He's 3 Months Old Today!!

At the farmers market. 

In Milton. 

Jack is 3 months old today!!!!

We just love this little nugget. We celebrated by making cupcakes. 

And by napping! 

Then, Jack tried his hand at PAINTING!! Is is me or do I have a baby genius on my hands? 


Listening to Jim and Jack babble at one another is probably the most magical sound in the world. I am sitting down here in the living room having coffee, while they chit chat. Jim makes up nonsense words and Jack babbles right back at him as if they are having a whole conversation. Then Jim tells him how much he loves me. A few minutes ago, he shouted down "I think he said it back!!."


They are done now, so I have a guest blogger:
looking at Daddy

 Acting silly.

Giving kisses. 
I'm sorry, its just when I start taking pics of him I can not stop!! He's sooo cute!

Today I am going to attempt to get a few things done around the house... we have some friends from Brooklyn up visiting tonight, Graham and Nitya. I know I have blogged about them before, they are really, really great people. They are getting married in, like, just a few weeks! I am SO pumped for their wedding. I am hoping this Monday my levels will be zero, in which case, going to their wedding will be the last thing I do before one more dose of chemo. We will see about that. I unfortunately have done some research and learned that the last few hundred can take awhile to go away, but lets cross our fingers for ZERO MONDAY! Got it???

Here's Graham and Nitya. I stole this pic from Facebook and I kind of love it. I will try to take some good pics of them with us and Jack this weekend. I'm hoping the weather will hold up the report says that it is supposed to rain for the next 11 days.... So maybe the beach is out. Hoping the weather man is wrong. Coastal weather is hard to predict.....

So, any suggestions for rainy day fun? Leave it in the comments! I know you are reading, so comment!

Celebrating BabyBardo....

Its like 3:00 AM, but I'm not feeling: 

So, I'm going to post a gadzillion pics showing you my baby shower, here in Delaware. It was thrown by Sandy and Mike, Dr. Suess themed, full of great people and food, and incredible

 mOmMy & dAdDy tO Be
 AlL oF tHe AmAzIng FoOd... KaTaRoO CaKe, oOdLeS oF pOoDlE nOoDlEs.... rEd FiSh BlUe FiSh.... LoTs Of OtHers
 StAcY, ChAd & AnNeTtE... 
RiCk & kArI.... kAri Is teEeEeEnY TiIiIiINy PREGGO iN tHis pIC.... LiKe JuSt A FeW DaYs I tHink....
 RuSsElL & MiRaNdA

 JoHnNy WrIgHT wHooP wHooP

 GrAhAm & NiTyA, ALsO oUR OfFiCiAl PhOtoGraPheRs
 TrIsH & BaRrY..... TrIsH DOMINATED aT the ShoWer GaMes. 
 My FaVOrIte LittLe mAmA tO be, loOkIn CuTe
 WhAt A TuRnOuT!!
 eNough SaId... I HaD GeStAtioNal dIabetes, BuT aTe SoOoOo MucH cAke ThIs DaY
 BoNnIE & ScOtT.... 
 GaBi & HaNnAh
 JaMes, RosIe, and DaN! 
 PrEsENtS!!!! PeOpLe wEre SoOoO gEnErOuS.....
 MeL & GlEnN

OuR HoStEsSEs wiTh tHe MoStEstS

*ThE eNd*