Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Solidarity Baldness

There's so much beautiful baldness going around, and you know I need to show the love. 

It started with Olivia. Isn't she gorgeous? Her eyes are like woah. I simply adore her. 
Her husband, Jamie, who actually married us, also shaved his head.  

And here they aRe together: 
I fucking love them. 

Dan is a boy I went to school with and he's rocking the cue ball look after watching my video on his way to get a trim. I changed his mind. (: thanks Dan!

My cousin Danny who lives here in Delaware and says, "not one hair on my head will come back until you're better." 
Love his face. 

Tucker, my fur nephew kept his fur, but his mommy donated over a whopping 12 inches: 

I think she looks flipping fantastic. Mary is the reason I became an AST. She is the embodiment of all sisters together. Love you so, Sushi. 

Melissa, a friend from back in the day. She said she did it because I befriended her when no one else would but I have always found her to be a beautiful, old soul. A kindred spirit, if you will. Lots of love to you Missy, I think about you and your family every single day. 

I also have a friend Sabrina, who shared with me some very personal pictures which I won't be passing on, but she's worthy of a shout out. She is battling a very rare neurological disorder and is only like a million times more brave than I am. Big ups, Sabrina. 

Bald together! Twinnies. 

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