Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Party All Night

No sleep. 

Jack has been miserable/awake all night long. Poor Jim has gotten virtually no sleep. I'm sleeping in patchy little pockets for an hour or two at a time and now that the suns up, Jack thinks its playtime. It's especially hard when I can't help Jim out. Getting in bed with mommy is like a drug that can put him out for up to 4 hours. 

Hopefully, he will exhaust himself soon. I really am starting to think he's getting a tooth or something. It could also just be a crazy growth spurt. 

I'm feeling worse from the chemo this round, and alternating compazine and zofran every four hours. It seems to be helping but I do know when I need a dose. Wouldn't need a screaming baby to wake me for it. The Ativan helps as well but makes me SO foggy. 

I'm getting used to sleeping on my weird hair that feels like velvet when rubbed the wrong way, and I'm lots cooler. Chemo makes me so warm I sweat like crazy. I tried a Pinterest detox bath tonight. Two cups Epsom salts, one baking soda. Hot hot water. I think it helped? 

I can barely keep my eyes open to blog, so adios for now.  

Update: about two hours later Jim gave in. 

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  1. This is going to sound hokey. I know. But bear with me... A wiccan (remember not a devil worship religion) told me to put my favorite bath salts in a tub with warm water and one raw egg. soak in the tub. when your done,let the water out with the egg in the tub all the way out. Then take the egg and put it in a baggie and put it outside in the trash. It cleanses your soul getting rid of the negative energy. I know, Im a paramedic but I believe this shit.