Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating BabyBardo....

Its like 3:00 AM, but I'm not feeling: 

So, I'm going to post a gadzillion pics showing you my baby shower, here in Delaware. It was thrown by Sandy and Mike, Dr. Suess themed, full of great people and food, and incredible

 mOmMy & dAdDy tO Be
 AlL oF tHe AmAzIng FoOd... KaTaRoO CaKe, oOdLeS oF pOoDlE nOoDlEs.... rEd FiSh BlUe FiSh.... LoTs Of OtHers
 StAcY, ChAd & AnNeTtE... 
RiCk & kArI.... kAri Is teEeEeEnY TiIiIiINy PREGGO iN tHis pIC.... LiKe JuSt A FeW DaYs I tHink....
 RuSsElL & MiRaNdA

 JoHnNy WrIgHT wHooP wHooP

 GrAhAm & NiTyA, ALsO oUR OfFiCiAl PhOtoGraPheRs
 TrIsH & BaRrY..... TrIsH DOMINATED aT the ShoWer GaMes. 
 My FaVOrIte LittLe mAmA tO be, loOkIn CuTe
 WhAt A TuRnOuT!!
 eNough SaId... I HaD GeStAtioNal dIabetes, BuT aTe SoOoOo MucH cAke ThIs DaY
 BoNnIE & ScOtT.... 
 GaBi & HaNnAh
 JaMes, RosIe, and DaN! 
 PrEsENtS!!!! PeOpLe wEre SoOoO gEnErOuS.....
 MeL & GlEnN

OuR HoStEsSEs wiTh tHe MoStEstS

*ThE eNd*

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