Monday, June 17, 2013

Let*s Talk About Hair

 The faux hawk continues to be my most successful blog. So many of you have responded to it on Facebook and by reaching out to me personally, text, email, etc. 

First off, please don't stop doing what you're doing!! Your good juju is obviously accounting for something, and I look so forward to comments, feedback, shares, and especially especially handwritten letters. Hint hint. If you email me, I will send you my mailing address. For now, it's just my private home. 

All the lovins are definitely having an effect on my levels. Check out yesterday:

Three thousand three hundred and fourteen. You're not reading that wrong and it isn't a typo. It was 28,097 last week. And 333,000 the week before. So, obviously you're doing it right people!! And maybe, just maybe the chemo is too. Once the levels are 0, I get three extra rounds. Then, I get a vacation! 
"Cancer? What cancer? It's got nuffin' on me!" 

So, the faux hawk is great, but lets not forget I actually cut off my beautiful, thick, finally growing out from an awful bob pre-pre, shoulder length hair for a reason. The hair that I could finally pile on the crown of my head in a messy bun just so.... and the bangs.... nonexistent! What was that movie where the girl says, shes missed so many life events because shes growing out her bangs? I can't remember. It's funny and true. But before we get too TOO off track (see photos below,) lets remember I cut it all off because at least two of the meds I take cause....... "universal alopecia." 


But I'm just wondering, when we are going to get on with it?!?!?!?! My scalp kind of burns and itches, and every time I wash or style it, I cringe, expecting a chunk to fall out in my fingers. This morning, I gingerly pulled out a barrette while looking in the mirror. Waiting for the walls to start closing in... Maybe I will finally develop some healthy anger. But so far, NOTHING! I know what you are thinking. Crazy bird, maybe it won't fall out! Maybe you'll get lucky?! But I know better. And I'm curious.

Get ready for some narcissism as I show you hats I've rocked in the past. 

My mom was an aerobics instructor when pregnant with me. She boasts that I have a perfectly round head, among other perfections, of course. And brains! I also think its a great head for hats. All hats. 

And hoods. Here I am the night I was induced, rocking the koala bear hoodie and an IV. 

Safety first!

On the beach with Tam. It was FREEZING. I love this hat so much, I misplaced it and bought another. I call it the technicolor dream hat 2. Someday I dig up the original. If any of you have a picture of me in it, bring it on. 

Even my dog rocks hats. 

And my spouse! 

I rock hats in group in order to show team spirit ....

At birthday parties with ice luges... 

With my husband, goofing around and matching from the $10 Gap clearance rack. (Which somehow doesn't exist anymore, grrr, are you reading, Gap? You're getting overpriced!) 

Out on the town for pub crawls....

And for holidays! I'm very festive.. This was a work field trip. The clients loved me goofing off. 

I can rock them as lucky charms during cutthroat cricket. I won this hat on a bet during this exact game from my friend Sarah, pictured below. 
She's not amused that I won. I'm VERY amused, and have rubbed pool cue chalk on my nose. 

And of I rocked them, of course, during those cold, snowy Buffalo winters. 

I can also rock the hell out of a hat-like accessory. Case in point: kitten ears. Above: 25th birthday (ish)
Below: Halloween in Delaware circa 2011. 

So, we laughed, we cried, we saw me gain and lose about 40 pounds in photos ... And like 6 different variations of hair. But the bottom line is, when is this stuff going to fall out? I'm going crazy with it hanging over my head. Nurse Ratchet said 2-3 weeks. It's been two weeks since my first dose and I had more yesterday plus an all night infusion. I will have more around 2 today... I think I take 2 meds where "alopecia is universal," Etopiside and Actinomycin. And I think they are given twice per cycle at the same time. 

I'm considering a buzz cut, for crying out loud. The anticipation and fear are going to send me to the loony bin. 

If you are interested in sending me your favorite hat or scarf, comment or email. I will be happy to care for and return your garment in the condition you gave it to me in. Or better condition! Just ask Jaimie. 

She looks great in hats and headbands and hat like accessories, too. She loaned me a sweatshirt that was stained, but sentimental. But, I got all the stains out! After years of her thinking they were unwearable letters. I've been rocking them constantly. 
All clean. 

If you send a scarf, hat, or covering, and do not want it back, I will be donating them to cancer charity, so other pretty ladies or maybe kids, can protect and keep their scalps warm, sunburn free, etc. 

If you knit, even better. I bet you can knit a few extra caps and I will pass them out at chemo. 

So, hit me up!!

I can even rock a scarf when I still have hair. 

And when it does start to come out in earnest, please tell me you'll hold my hand and allow me to mourn. It might be a right of passage but it sure does sting a little.  

Xo for now,

Cancer Kitten

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  1. That movie it's WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER!!! About growing out your bangs!! :)) You make me laugh out loud KaT! Don't think im crazy... but I truly think you should turn this blog into a book. I can only imagine that people going through what you are would get as much joy and encouragement as we are supporting you! You are one tough chic!! Love you!