Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stupendous Gifts

This gift came in the mail a few days ago, sorry I haven't posted yet. This comes from an old friend of mine. She's a young lady who has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years, and I'm proud to know her: 
She sent me a beautiful home made blanket, a journal, tons of candy, hand made aromatherapy and crafts. Two gorgeous paintings, plus tons and tons of scarves for my baldness. I'm truly touched by this package. Thank you, Erin! 

I also received some HATS from our friends Russell and Miranda. Russell happens to be a huge Miami Dolphins fan .... Isn't he kind??!?! Hahaha. 

He was sure to include a Bills hat, too, which I'm not sure adds to the comedy or is salt in the wound haha. We love those crazy kids ..... Thanks for the smiles. We've needed them the past few days. 

Mail call again!!! Look at this awesomeness....
All the way from South Beach, from my friends Shannon and Krystal. Shannon was vacationing there. There was candy too, but I decimated it instantly. Thanks for everything, ladies!!

I also got this CUSTOM MUG from my friend Margaret.... You may remember her from a previous post. She is so talented! Looky here:

Feeling the love today. 

Here is a present from an old friend, Elisa. She is very kind and knows the way to a persons heart is with orange tic tacs....  
Check out the mug!! It's my favorite villian.... 

Presents from Lisa and Irv today. Lewiston is my hometown and the Lancers, my high school mascot. So lovely. I love them. 

Ya know, now that you mention it, i AM supa-fly. Thanks for the lovins from an old school Vagina Warrior. Knowing she thinks I'm strong makes me feel superhuman. This is from my friend Kaitlyn from Fredonia. I met her when I was a part of V-Day. 

I got this beautiful necklace in the mail today from my friend, Meghan. The stones all represent healing and strength. It has smokey quarts which is grounding and has healing properties regarding cancer. It dissolves negative/emotional blockages, is also a protective stone and is the best stone to wear while undergoing chemo or radiation... It can reduce stress and relieve pain, and there is amethyst which is a healing stone and can boost immunity. It also has a sugilite to balance mind.body.spirit. It aparently channels healin energy into the body, draws off negative energy, and calms emotional distress.It also highlights the association between mind and body in the resolution of disease. So, pretty sweet. And, its beautiful.... Meg had it custom made for me by a store called Starz Jewlery. Here is the website:

Ch-ch-ch-check it out! This is actually the second piece I have received from her. She also sent me a fertility bracelet with moonstone, quartz and a turtle pendant. I credit it with me getting pregnant with Jack, because it worked I think within two months. 

I also got a box full of scarves from my friend Sabrina, who I went to high school with. She has had some health issues of her own and her hair is coming back so she passed along the love. 

Here I am rocking the necklace. It has quartz and two other stones specific to help with cancer treatments. I love you Meghan!! 

This is the only photo I can find of us, that's her in the front with Sarah. This photo was snapped at my going away party before I moved to Delaware. 

I actually wanted to include St. Perigrine, so I added her to the necklace.... Actually Jim helped me do it.

I also got some home made fudge from the Kelleher family! They also sent me sugar free stevia, the fudge is sugar free, all natural and made with organic cream, butter and cocoa powder .... Pretty fancy. Soda not pictured but it looks yummy. 

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