Friday, June 14, 2013

Jack*s HCG

So, after an agonizing 36 hours of waiting, after the doc promised we would know so quickly that we could WAIT.....


We are so happy and grateful. Earlier today we called and they told us they sent his labs to the Mayo Clinic, and we wouldn*t know until tomorrow. But, they just called me a few minutes ago. After they told us that we wouldn*t know until tomorrow, Jim Googled.

Yep, Googled

We learned that there are only 15 documented cases of babies like Jack. Thirteen of them were fatal within 30 days of being born. The remaining 2 needed chemotherapy, including Etopiside, one of the nastiest agents in my cocktail. Its so bad I can*t touch Jack for 48 hours after.

So, this is a short post but I didn*t want to leave you guys hanging. Talk soon!


"cancer has nothing on me!!" 

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