Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So, I just got a letter from a lawyer that my mom's 3rd husband is in the process to sue me for libel. What a shock. 

I was really pissed off when he asked me not to contact her anymore so I said she cheated on him. She probably did. He's just a pain in the ass POS. I really can't believe she would pull this. I would never do anything that crazy to my child. She is really nuts. 

I'm just trying not to think of it. I mean she has destroyed any and all chance of a relationship to me or Jack. The saddest part is, besides my father, no one in my family is siding with me. They are just saying step back say your sorry forget about it. Even my brother just said we are both crazy and there are two sides to everything. 

I had more neupogen today and its making me hurt all over so I took hydromorphone. I didn't have nearly as bad a reaction this time as yesterday because I took it right after. 

My in laws came back from Buffalo this evening. What a stark contrast to some of my family. They brought me a POUND of orange chocolate sponge candy and a whole pizza. Buffalo pizza is seriously the best. If you've never had it, well, I suggest you try it. Same with sponge candy. When I'm done kicking cancers ass ill have a pizza party and invite you all. 

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  1. Dude. Wow. I don't think your mother's boyfriend or whatever understands what libel means or how the court works. You can sue anybody for anything, but the judge will get pissed over stupid BS like that. Then you can counter sue, because he is bringing suit that he has no grounds for, and, in fact, ACTUALLY IS causing you harm and pain. Further you could argue that because just having to deal with this shit while suffering from cancer can be dangerous to your health, they owe YOU reparations. What a loser >:(