Friday, June 28, 2013


Listening to Jim and Jack babble at one another is probably the most magical sound in the world. I am sitting down here in the living room having coffee, while they chit chat. Jim makes up nonsense words and Jack babbles right back at him as if they are having a whole conversation. Then Jim tells him how much he loves me. A few minutes ago, he shouted down "I think he said it back!!."


They are done now, so I have a guest blogger:
looking at Daddy

 Acting silly.

Giving kisses. 
I'm sorry, its just when I start taking pics of him I can not stop!! He's sooo cute!

Today I am going to attempt to get a few things done around the house... we have some friends from Brooklyn up visiting tonight, Graham and Nitya. I know I have blogged about them before, they are really, really great people. They are getting married in, like, just a few weeks! I am SO pumped for their wedding. I am hoping this Monday my levels will be zero, in which case, going to their wedding will be the last thing I do before one more dose of chemo. We will see about that. I unfortunately have done some research and learned that the last few hundred can take awhile to go away, but lets cross our fingers for ZERO MONDAY! Got it???

Here's Graham and Nitya. I stole this pic from Facebook and I kind of love it. I will try to take some good pics of them with us and Jack this weekend. I'm hoping the weather will hold up the report says that it is supposed to rain for the next 11 days.... So maybe the beach is out. Hoping the weather man is wrong. Coastal weather is hard to predict.....

So, any suggestions for rainy day fun? Leave it in the comments! I know you are reading, so comment!

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