Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jack Drives A Heli-chopper

Jack is... just so awesome. Here he is at a kids safety day, sponsored by Lowes. I got out and about a lot today. Being near this helicopter brought back memories of my Dad taking us to the air show as kids at the Niagara Falls air base. We went every year for probably 5 years. My little brother Ed loved it and so did I ..

I woke up craving pancakes after a long night of nausea. I think my sickness comes from nerves. I start getting a little worked up around Friday night and it steadily increases until chemo Mondays. But, I was feeling better so we went to IHOP.The happiest place on earth! I am OBSESSED with it. I think it's the unlimited coffee in your own carafe. 

Then, we went to the safety fair and saw a few people we know from Jim's work. Lowes didn't have what we needed so we hit up Home Depot after. You have no idea how much stores like that thrill me. (SARCASM!) But Jim needed stuff for the lawn ... We have a crabgrass issue. Or clover. Is that the same stuff? I bought a plant that says it will attract hummingbirds. Hope it works! Maybe I will invest in a feeder? Any tips from my readers on how to attract them?

Then, we went grocery shopping for lots of yummy healthy stuff and a few fun splurges. I tried to make kool aid taffy from Pinterest this evening, wanted to bring some to my chemo crew at TCC Monday. I am so into baking and candy making ....  But really only good at making cookies and bars.... 

Here's a link to the recipe:

It was not a huge success. Laugh it up:

I think I am going to have to throw out the pan! When I got up to feed Jack around 2 AM, and it was only a little bit thicker. Still a sticky mess, and now there's a rubber spatula anchored in it. Oh well, I had fun trying! In the morning, Jim said it was like that candy that was popular in the 90s. Squeeze pop. 

Not what I was going for.

Before I attempted candy, I roasted a delicious organic chicken. It was on sale really cheap, so I boiled one whole as well. Then I threw all the left overs in the stock I made and had a nice little pot of chicken pastina soup. It turns out, I can cook just as well as my mom; you just have to chop everything really really tiny. So, maybe drink a little less wine while cooking. (: 

Now you know even though I'm chopping fresh veggies, I'm snacking on kettle chips. I'm addicted! Its a sickness! 

I like to try and stay busy on the weekends, because the fear of chemo starts creeping in Friday night... Now that I know how drastically worse the CO portion makes me feel, I'm slightly petrified. BUT, on the other hand, Sunday is the first day in a whole week that I can kiss Jack for reals. On the lips, if I want! I know, I know what you're thinking, she's obsessed. That's ok. 
You would be too if you had this nugget around you all the time! I swear he puckers up up kiss me back. 

So for now, we are just relaxing. Around 4:00 today is when the drugs are out of my system, and the kissing commences. The good thing about Vincristine and Cytoxan  (confusing when it's called CO,) is its only one day, no rescue dose. During my EMA portion I take chemo 2 days and rescue 3. The rescue is a chemo drug, so I can't snuggle til Sunday. After Cytoxan/Vincristine, I am upgraded to full cuddle status after just 48 hours. Which is also, unfortunately, when I peak at feeling poorly. This time, I'm going to stay more on top of it with my antiemetics and anxiety medications. Hopefully I can prevent feeling too too bad by just resting. I've been having frequent nosebleeds, which can be a side effect of both the neutropenia, the neupogen to treat it and the chemo in general. I'm nervous to see if they will need to give me blood Monday. It kinda creeps me out, so I'm hoping no. 

Sorry I stiffed you guys on a Saturday blog. I will try not to do it again! 

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  1. Hummingbirds...I've heard that you need to have your stuff out to attract themthem by early May otherwise they've already found their spots to visit for the season