Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father*s Day

Happy Father*s Day! 
 Here is Jim the day we brought Jack home. He*s amazed. 

And a few weeks later. 

Our first walk at about a week old. Jack is so tiny you can*t even tell he*s in there! This walk was pretty stressful, because we couldn*t see his face to know if he was breathing. His head pokes out the top of the Ergo Baby now, so its way more fun.

Here we are yesterday. >>>>>>>> MUCH better. 

Here*s my Dad with Jack on day 1! 
And it's not Father*s Day without a shout out to the grandfathers. What do you call yours? Pop-pop? I think thats a popular one here in Delaware. Comment and tell me what your grandpa is. We called the grandparents on my Dad*s side grandma and grandpa. Occasionally the Kolkmann was added to distinguish which we were talking about. My mom*s parents, we called Ned and Pat.
Story time. 
And here*s Dad with Dan and Jack. 

And here is Jack*s Grandpa Mike. AKA, his clone. 

I wouldn*t even be an iota of the person that I am, and my life would be meaningless were it not for the love and support of these men. I love each and every one of them so much. I am truly blessed. 

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