Thursday, June 13, 2013

mAiL CaLL!

So, I have received many many amazing packages, boxes and bows over the past two weeks. Some of them, I had the good sense to take photos of before tearing into, and others, I did not. Sorry about that. 

For example, my friend Mandy sent me an AMAZING package, with the help of my sister in law. It had a robe that I seriously picked up ten times at Target but didn*t buy, a book she had read herself and was dogeared (my fave,) a handwritten note and pajamas..... I tore that shit up. 

Plus, our friends Rick and Kari, who are currently busy selling their home, moving several states away, and gestating their own tiny human, sent me a TON of candy, including chocolate band-aids. Of course, that has been long since consumed. Tim and Margaret sent me a lovely tea set with a tray for meals in bed, plus these amazing cookies other snacks and a mug. I love it! So, no pic of those packages. But today, the mail started in and just did not STOP. It was incredible. 

Cupcakes from Kristen. <3 


Ice cream, CUSTOMIZED, from Jack*s godparents, Keven and Jess. They are called "Lombardo Love," "Jack Attack," "Queen Chemosabi," and of course, "Fuck Cancer." They are in custom flavors. 
I am a lucky mofo. 

Betsey Johnson nailpolish set from Danielle, one of my favorite post college friends. You know, we met each other because we were in the same academic program. But, it turns out, 6 years later we admitted to each other after meeting through another mutual friend that both of us were intimidated by the other. Talk about an oops. I can only imagine the drinks consumed together at the Pink, had we both not been so wussy. Not to mention, the steak sandwiches. Just kidding. 

 An EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT from Russell and Miranda, which I tore up in like ten minutes. 

Countless cards, letters, and emails. You guys have no idea what you mean to me. 

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