Monday, June 17, 2013

Gordon's Pond Beach

After chemo, we got some really good news about my levels .... But I'm saving it for later. We were so happy, so we went to the beach. 

After the beach we went to my mother I'm law's. She cut up lots of veggies for me and packed us dinner to go. Plus chocolate. 

Here I am getting methotrexate infused very slowly over 12 hours. There's a tube going down my shirt, attached to a pump. 
Jim unhooks it at 6 am and leaves it in til 8 am when a nurse comes and flushes it. The needle, which is called a huber, stays in because tomorrow at 2 I'm due for MORE chemo. Then off til Monday!! 

What do you guys suggest I do with all this free time? 

Here I am finally at home around 9:30 pm. It was a long day. I have this tee on and you can't even tell I'm infusing glitter in my veins!! I know I look kind of sickly and pale. I am so tired. 

Sandy made me dinner so I'm having roasted chicken and rice. 

They told me today that I should probably avoid crowds and sick people. So hospitals are out, as if I would actually visit one... And big places like Firefly music festival this weekend. I am totally bummed, because I was wanting to see Dispatch  SO BADLY, they are 100% bucket list status. They will give me two of these shots called Neupogen. They are supposed to stimulate my white blood cells and they will do that Wednesay and Thursday. They will test me Friday and if I'm higher, I'm good to go. I wish I could hang out in a box or something to see the show ....
So think positive thoughts for my white blood cells! 

And for my sanity, since I can't touch Jack until THURSDAY, and no kissing until Saturday. Damn. 
Gunna miss those cuddles. 

Sleep tight, everyone. 

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