Monday, June 24, 2013

My Pregnancy

This is going to be a photo collage, mostly. I think I have them in order....
Havin a BAY-BAY!!!!!!!!

When we saw the baby on the ultrasound, Jim said he looked like  gummy bear. It became the first of many nicknames. 
When Jack started moving, I said it felt like popcorn popping. That's when he became "the popcorn shrimp."

I tried carving a pumpkin that said "Babybardo," but it just looked sad. So, I put it on Beau's head. 

This is from when we visited Graham and Nitya. They are an amazing couple. Jim has been friends with Graham since he was a wee one. They are getting married in August. I am really looking forward to attending their wedding.

Here they are at our wedding.

Nitya has a big personality. Don't worry about the cig in this photo. I actually quit smoking one week after this pic was snapped. So did Jim, That was 3 years ago ish. 
Explaining his soon to be big bro status. 

Here's my friend Sarah pounding prune juice with me. She's not the one with the problem, if you ask any newly minted pregnant woman..... but she's a tough vegan, so she drank like twice what I did and was fine. Hey, Sarah, bet you never thought I'd blog about this.
Sarah is amazing. She and I are very much alike. I'm lucky to know her. 

She's also Beau's godmother! 

Sparklers and cake for my birthday. The Lombardos brought me all of this incredible stuff from Lush. If you haven't heard about my Lush addiction, its like you don't even know me at all. Lately, I've been using a product they have called King of Skin. Its cocoa butter and bananas and other good stuff. It makes my skin so soft. I actually ran out last week. I will have to stop off in Christiana next time I see Dr. Cowabunga and get more. 
You can actually see the Lush bag here! 

Baby's first HURRICANE! This was right before hurricane Sandy "hit" Delaware. Although it was bad in Jersey and NYC, we didn't get much damage here. I actually worked during it and so did Jim. 

This day was so fun because we went and bought a pink bag and wrapping and had my mother in law Sandy convinced it was a girl, then she opened this onesie. Obviously, Jack is a boy....We totally tricked her. 

WOah guys, I am really having a baby. 

Pretty excited that there's a parking spot just for me. 

Really not in the mood to go to work. 

This is me in Vegas. We went there to see Keven and Jess get married. They are Jack's godparents.
Here they are the night before their wedding. Adorable.

 Being Zen pregnant lady in Vegas. I won $100 this day on video poker!

Celebrating the happy couple.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, we found this townhouse and put an offer on it. It was a short sale, so, torture. We ended up closing with 2 days to spare. 

Being pregnant is exhausting! 
We faithfully watched the Bills games every single week. 

Visiting Buffalo for Alexis's baby shower and my own. 

Posting this even though I have no neck, because the bitchez look good. Tammy, my cousin, and Alexis,  an old family friend, and I were all pregnant together. Only a few weeks apart. I will dedicate a whole blog to our conversations sometime soon. I seriously would have lost my mind if not for these women. 

Baby shower in Buffalo, thanks to my Aunts Denelle and Marcia. I love them. They are the best surrogate mommies.

Only in Buffalo does a pregnant woman go out to a bar to celebrate having a baby. This was a fun night with some incredible people. Here is me *right to left,* Jim obviously, Mike my father in law, Christa my sister in law, and Sandy my mother in law. 

Back at home goofing off. 

Jim*s BIRFSDAY! It happens to be on Valentine's day.... 
Jack decided that Valentines Day/ Daddy's birthday was just WAAAAAY too much about us and not him. So, he sat still all day long and that made us nervous, so we came in for some monitoring and he practically kicked it off my tums. Drama queen. 
Ergobaby! From Keven and Jess (see Vegas)

St. Patrick's Day. Sad I can*t have green beer. Jack is worth it.  

Rose, Dan and James, up for the baby shower Mike and Sandy threw us a few weeks after the Buffalo one. There will be a whole post on that too! 
I always knew Jim would make a great dad. That's kinda cheesy puff, but you gotta let it go because I have the cancer. HA! 

A lot of the out of towners, gathered at our apartment at the time during the shower weekend.  We were so lucky to have so many out of town visitors. 

James and his gorgeous mommy, Rose. I love this girl. I could almost fit her in my pocket. 

Not impressed that they are going back to Queens, without me. 

Jim was so excited to put the pack and play (From Christa!) together. 

This is from the last date we had before having the baby.  Jim took me to the Summer House, and I ate myself silly. 

Leaving the apt to go get induced. We ate at Surf Bagel first. I had a salt bagel with cream cheese. It was amazing because I had gestational diabetes (the diabeetus!!!) and couldn't have bagels after 28 weeks.... ish. Torture! I love carbs. 

He's excited to go become a Dad!

My Dad, psyched to become a grandfather. He was here a few days before, and then could barely tear himself away when it was time for him to go home. 

In the hospital the night before Jack was born. They induced me with cervidil. I called my friend Sarah and she asked if she could take some, recreationally. I love Sarah because she is just so off the wall like that. 

I was really scared because when the midwife came in, she suggested I not be induced. She is literally sitting there with the cervidil in her hands, telling me it could take 72 hours for me to have this baby, and what a terrible idea it is, and I should go home. I did not listen. I had Jack less than 24 hours later. 18 hours later, to be almost exact. 

Tomorrow, we will have a baby??

In the morning. I was starting to have some cramping, and getting a little nervous. This is before they started my pitocin, which was around 8 am. 
My koala bear robe kept me in good spirits. 
Here I am after my epidural at around 11:30. I felt this way for about an hour, but I maxed it out so after that, I felt everything.

And, here*s Jack! Jim named him right in the delivery room. Jack Michael Lombardo. Mr AWESOME!  
We are family. 
Everyone came to visit: 

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