Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I made it

Hey, kittens. This is going to be a short post - I've been feeling pretty exhausted lately and my brain just can't come up with lots of cleverness. But I got a lot of comments today so I wanted to update you guys, I'm still here and everything is ok. I completed my 15 calendar days of work yesterday. My short term disability claim has already been approved and the best part? My coworkers alone donated over 200 hours of leave to cover my elimination period. That's the first 30 days I will be out, where I needed leave to cover due to no longer having FMLA. FMLA is only 12 weeks per year, and I used mine when Jack was born and in the first few weeks of being diagnosed. But, now I have nothing to worry about because I have so much leave. I needed 165 hours, and they haven't even tallied up the amounts of leave from our upstate unit, so, I'm more than ok. People were so generous and I am truly lucky. 

I have chemo today so maybe I will blog a bit more from there. Tomorrow is going to be a long chemo day, since I'm having a blood transfusion first thing. I'm getting more anemic, but have been getting neupogen after each round of chemo, which has really improved the white cell count situation. Before chemo, Sandy (Jim's mom,) is making us peanut butter and jelly pancakes. So, I should probably get off my lazy bum and shower so I can head over there. 

Thanks to everyone for reading and for checking in with me today -- it really means more to me than you could possibly know. Sorry I've been such a remiss blogger. I'm trying to be better. 

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  1. How wonderfully generous of your coworkers! I'm so glad you are able to remain on leave, I can't imagine working while undergoing chemo. Again, your strength amazes me. Enjoy your pb&j pancakes (yum!) and try to rest. Good luck with chemo tomorrow. Keep on trucking. Much love.