Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Round Ten.

Jim just unhooked my infusion pump for THE LAST TIME EVER!!!! Goodbye, methotrexate. You've been good to me and all, killing this cancer, but I gotta say, you've worn out your welcome. Up for today: my final two doses of Etopiside, which I lovingly refer to as, "the hair taker," and Dactinomyacin, a "tumor inhibiting antibiotic." 

A week from then are my final doses of Cyclophosphamide and Oncvorin (Vincristine,) which do the most damage to my liver. 

My ANC was low today but high enough to get chemo. I met with Dr. Sehbai for the last time while actively in treatment and he said I can get my port out in November. I simply can't wait. That thing is driving me nuts. 

That's all to update for now, it's 6 am and my cell is only at 3% battery. I will check in with you kittens later! Have a great day. 


  1. Woohoooo!!!! Bu-bye infusion pump!!!! After all the up and down, I'm glad you're getting some happy news. Keep doin what you're doin! We love you!!