Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blogging in the Dark

So, I'm lying in bed next to a sleeping Jack. This scene is eerily familiar to the blogs I wrote in the dark last summer. The shift from sick to well is so subtle, but the differences in this case are night and day. I have, as usual, as a "well" person put off blogging til the last minute. I'm not up in the middle of the night with sweats, heartburn, neuropathy or nausea. I'm just blogging because tomorrow- and technically, that's in an hour and twenty minutes, tomorrow I'M GOING ON THE DOCTORS! 

Have you ever seen the show? I have a feeling you'll tune in now that the cutest baby ever is on it. And I'm not biased. I swear. 

I told you it was big, excitibg news. But for the really exciting news, you gotta tune in. 

I know I thanked you guys before- my readers, my cheerleaders, my sanity-savers. But I want to thank you again, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family. We have nothing but love for you and your continued show of support, love, and prayers. I'm nothing without my support network, and you guys have shown some serious love for the home team. 

We were also featured on local news here in DE. Here is the link:

I know my Facebook friends are sick of it cause I posted it a jillion times. Sorry not sorry Facebook. 

Other updates: my cousin visited this weekend and the Buffalo Bills won today. Jim is so excite that Jack got to experience it with him: 

So happy. 

We also traveled to NYC for a wedding last weekend and chilled with some of Jack's future BFFs. But that's an entire other post for the future. Think epic 80s wedding. Congrats Jaimie and Bryan! W love you guys. 

In recent news, I have actually been a man down a lot of the weekend with what I will strongly suspect is strep throat in the morning if it's not better. Pretty annoying. 

Anyways, get your popcorn, set those DVRs, check local listings, and I will see you tomorrow! 


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