Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hey everybody. I've been getting tons of notifications on Facebook about my story, which has been published by a few outlets, some with my permission, others without. And none of them asked initially. Although this feels somewhat of a violation of my privacy, I am pleased my story is out there and could possibly help someone else. I am happy to share my story with others, but private photos of being stolen from my (set to private) social media feels pretty shitty. Anyways, I am going to update with a blog post tonight, ok? Gotta get my kiddos squared away for bed.

Thanks for the love.



  1. I had this disease with a baby also. That baby is now almost 24 years old. I see all sorts of cancer awareness-but never for this type. I'm glad to see your article. Thank you.

  2. I am a fellow survivor of choriocarcinoma (stage 4) only I was diagnosed very late and ended up having to have an emergency hysterectomy (via laparotomy) when it ruptured my uterus and I filling with blood. My molar pregnancy was from recurrent miscarriages before and I had any kiddos and I was devastated to have a hysterectomy. Thank heavens for egg donors and surrogates, I now have two absolutely gorgeous girls! Was a hell of a ride having all that chemo, thanks for sharing your story, no-one else can really understand what its like to have such a rare cancer.

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