Monday, August 5, 2013

Truly Undetectable

I'm really excited for you, and ima let you finish, but....


The screen shot says it all. How cute my son is, how great my Doctor is, and how truly bad ass I am because I kicked cancers ASS! Today was just.... The best  . Even though both Jack and I got shots. Daddy's diploma came in the mail today too, his Bachelors of Science. And Jack ate peas! 

Is my Kanye joke too late to the party? Are you psyched I finally made it?! I know I am. 

I promise to blog later when I've gotten some rest. I finished a round of EMA/CO today, and have one to go. That's Two. More. Weeks. I'm tired and my tummy is upset today so its bath and bedtime for mommy and Jack. 


  1. Woo hoo!!!! You are bad ass!! Take THAT, cancer.

  2. I can't get my 28 year old boyfriend to eat peas! You Lombardo's are plain old badass. Cancer ain't got nothing, NADA. HOORRAH