Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4:00 am

Anybody out there? I'm just chillin with my bag of methotrexate while my boys sleep. I came home from chemo positively wiped out. I went to bed around 10 but my eyes popped open with Jack's 3 am feeding and I've been up ever since. My pump says I have 30 mL to go. That's about an hour because they started it at 5:20 PM. I start Leucovorin at 5:20 AM Wednesday. I have to keep writing/saying/reviewing this because last week I missed my dose by five and a half hours.  This is after they told me I might just die if I missed it by more than a half hour. Oops. Poor Jim almost had a heart attack so he keeps grilling me. I growl at him for it but secretly I'm happy to have someone who loves me enough to harass me about such things. Maybe I'm just wide awake in celebration of that great number. 

107. Amaze. And has anyone noticed it was 107 on 7/1? Well I did. Pretty sweet. 

The methotrexate makes me have to pee constantly and also makes me thirsty. I follow the same rules as being pregnant 1, water fixes everything 2, drink water if something is wrong (it will fix it,) 3, drink to thirst and then a bit more. And 4, water fixes everything. Water. Fixes. Everything. 

I'm simultaneously blogging and texting another mommy friend, Olivia. She has a four am date standing with her little man Drake, who is about a year older than Jack. You know Olivia.  (http://kittykal.blogspot.com/2013/06/more-s

Writing this has effectively killed some time; about 10 mL to be exact. I think that's like 30 minutes. When I woke up around 2:30-3 this morning I had no idea I would still be awake this close to the infusion ending. Now if I fall asleep I'm going to feel terrible waking up! I think it's time to snuggle down with this guy: 
Final pump count down to 16.1 mL. So thanks for killin so much cancer with me!!
You guys are great, seriously!! Go EMA go EMA Go!

7:00am Update: 
The EMA, it is mighty in its third shot. I think because I blogged seemingly feeling good, I wound up getting really really sick. I woke up to Jack's less than polite requests to be fed. My stomach and back are hurting like crazy. Since I took compazine at 5, I went for another Zofran but I have a bad feeling this is a job for heavy duty painkillers. I'm not strong enough to wait and see, so here goes. Fun fact: the bottles were next to each other. So I took one Zofran and a hydromorphone OR two hydromorphone. So in an hour or so, anything you ever wanted to ask me and be 100% sure you'd get a straight answer, might be the time. Even as I type this, after half an hour of crying and telling Jim I'm never doing chemo again, I feel a bit better. Sleep it is, unless you truth seekers blow up my phone.  

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  1. Congrats on such great #'s Kat. Made me freakin cry just reading yesterday and todays...Keep it up girl - YOU CAN DO IT!