Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Chemo

Well, it's Monday, I have chemo AND ITS NOT RAINING!!!! I'm taking this as a very, very good sign. Today we are going for a number of zero (like always,) and neutrophils at 1,700+  I'm learning on a neupogen free week that that stuff makes me feel preeeeetty bad. I'm seeing the medical staff today, too. 

We can do this, people! For now I'm sitting in my favorite chair, blogging from my phone. I'm drinking a blueberry iced tea and Jack is lounging on my chest. He's so warm and soft. We slept side by side most of the night last night, first on the couch. I was so tired I fell asleep at like 9 PM! I don't mind though. Snuggling time is golden in this house. After today, it's 48 hours to touching with no barriers. I get very depressed when I can't touch the baby. This week, I had such bad mouth sores (on the corners/outsides,) that I couldn't smooch the little guy. And you all know what a fan I am of smooching! 

Today Jim promised to take me I IHOP for red velvet pancakes. I hope they actually have them though. They did last time, but they also didn't once and what's the point of ihop without red velvet pancakes?! I will be sure to post a family pic from the restaurant, and of course, update on here around 5 PM (Eastern time,) with my updated hcg! 


Cannot believe I didn't snap a pic of the pancakes, I just devoured them. AND finished Jim's! I was a pig today. 

Here at TCC now. So, I am not seeing Dr. Sehbai today, but I do get to see the NP. They already took my blood and sent it off to the lab ... I'm waiting in the exam room with Jim. I got a new hat, too. 

I FORGOT TO BRING THE NURSES THEIR  COOKIES. I'm pretty much the worst ever. 

They were good cookies too. Ok, more fit us and I will bring some to them next week.  

I got my labs back and my ANC (all over neutrophil aka white blood cell, count,) is 2,800!! That's amazing. My hemoglobin and liver function and everything is ok, too. That means NO NEUPOGEN. That makes me a happy Kat. I'm sitting here alone right now since Jim is talking to Clare the social worker. I just love her. I might put my head back and have a little snooze while I infuse the chemo .... 
They gave me a hot blanket!!! 

They had to give me phenergan ... I'm feeling a bit nauseous. But, just got this number back: 


Cupcakes make everything better. These are from Cake Break! In Rehoboth Beach. (

I love it there. 


  1. Whoohoo!!! 25! Almost there!

    Thank you for continuing to share this journey with us. You are an amazing woman with an incredible family. Keep up the positive attitude! Sending good vibes from Texas!

  2. Shooting for zero! Do they stop chemo once you hit zero?