Friday, July 5, 2013

Farmer's Market

We had a great day today. We hit up Bethany Beach and walked around.... there was a band playing downtown, National Guard. It was really neat and then after we went to the farmer's market in Milton, the town we just moved to a few months ago. We got local corn, green beans, strawberries, Washington cherries, some plums, and even some local, grass fed beef tenderloins. Oh, and cinnamon buns. Who doesn*t love a good sticky bun?

I totally slacked off and didn*t take any photos, just enjoyed the afternoon with my boys... But you had photos of the farmer's market last week.... We also went to the most delicious Chinese joint I have ever been to... I had pepper steak and I will be dreaming about it for days.

I know I haven*t been much with the blogging lately, but chemo is really making me feel run down. On the order's of my doc, I have been resting a lot and napping. Its a good thing since I usually can*t sit still. I have been feeling sort of jumpy, and my mouth sores are getting worse. I kind of had a melt down this morning. I was wearing this head scarf and having a hard time getting my sunglasses underneath it. I just flipped out and threw my glasses on the ground. They broke. My amazing supportive husband just came over and held me while I cried and raged for like ten full minutes. Then, I felt a lot better. We headed off to the beach right after that.

Hope everyone out there is having a good day.

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