Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Beautiful Guest Blog from my Oncologist

I*d like to share a guest blog from my amazing Doctor who has been an amazing support and is, in fact, curing my cancer. He is pretty much the best:

You asked me to write a guest blog or post. I do not have the literary FB talent like yours but I will say few things.

When fighting the battle of life with any cancer diagnosis, most patients need all kinds of support to get through this tsunami, earth quake, hurricane or twister which hit their lives. This means having good support from your parents, kids, siblings, grand parents, other relatives, friends, neighbors, spouses, doctors, nurses and now this FB or net community. You are really lucky that so many people are following your story unravel and supporting and praying for you.

Our goal of treatment is to get you in a long term remission which will eventually lead to a cure.

You are an amazing person who is so well liked and cherished by so many people and even when you go into remission and finish this chemotherapy, plz continue to be a role model and stay active in supporting other young patients with cancer diagnosis or similar rare tumor diagnosis.

For tonight enjoy the celebrations of July 4th and firework and your family but amidst all this don't forget that your body also needs a well deserved rest during chemo so don't overdo anything! Your son is so cute and take good care of him.

Love, regards and cheers

Aasim Sehbai

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!! I have tears in my eyes. And he's right. You are so upbeat facing this bitch called cancer. You are a gem. g~