Monday, July 29, 2013

Chemo Grumble Grumble

I am so scratchy today. I borrowed that term from my cousin, Tammy. It's British, apparently. It means cranky. I am at chemo right now, and they say I'm neutropenic. I'm ticked off because I need neupogen. The side effects suck. So at first I was like:

Then, I was like: 

But they said, girlfriend, you needs the neupogen. So I was like:

But, I still don't have a choice. Dr. Sehbai sent me a proxy hug from my nurse, I call her Syracuse, shes cool. So I gotta forgive the doc. He's trying to help me, you know, not get infections or something from my low white cells. 

So I was like. Ok. I'll take neupogen. 

Fine. Give it to me. Bring on the neups. 

My ALT is back down, so that's good news. Bring on the Tylenol! 

They sent my blood work already, and we are still hoping for the zero, but as long as I've fallen below five I'm in remission. So, 'cured.' I can't even imagine that. I have no words. 

Will update here when I get my number! 

So, this just happened: 

I just kicked cancers ass. So there!