Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amaze Balls Day

Had a pretty amaze balls day today. Sandy took me in her birthday present, a convertible...... (I know! some gift!) We went all around using coupons that she got for her birthday. We started at ihop, where she got a full breakfast FREE, and I shared her pancakes.... Which were blueberry. And delicious. 

They sang happy birthday and brought Sandy ice cream!

Then, we went to the Rehoboth Farmer's Market and walked that off a bit. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for $5.99 lunch and got free cake and ice cream! 

She was stoked. 

Then, we got a free entree at Moe's, so we got a beef and cheese burrito for Mike. All we had to buy was a drink and you know I went with .....

We went to Friendly's and with the purchase of a burger, which we got for Jim; a free Sundae. We were about sundaed out so that went to Mike, too. Chocolate chip ice cream with strawberry. 

Then, I went to chemo with Jim. He had his burger and I was a real bad ass. I didn't take phenergan or Ativan and I did alright. It's almost ten and I'm still feeling ok so that's a good sign I think. Tonight, I'm going to bake a birthday cake for miss Sandra, then call it am early night. I will decorate tomorrow!

I want to take a second to share a donation page for a friend of mine, Crystal. She is having a hard time financing her medications. A lot of people ask if they can help us, but despite everything, for now, we are definitely getting by. This family has four kids and needs your help. She has the same cancer as me and her baby is a few weeks older than Jack. Here's the link: 


Every little bit helps. 

Have a great night everybody! 


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - and all that before chemo. You are something else! And Sandy w her convertible seems like a real blast. Any chance you can send her my way when you're finished? She sounds wonderful. And too bad about your friend. Four kids and cancer - that is awful. I will definitely look into donating.

  2. I love sandy! Tell her happy birthday& to enjoy her free stuff & car! :)