Monday, July 22, 2013

Zero is the Hero

So there's my blood!! Today might be the day I find out I'm at zero. I just got to chemo and in true Chemosabi fashion, will be live blogging it. 
Here's Jim saying "zero!!!" 

Technically, he could say 5. Five and less is considered undetectable and means my cancer is officially in remission, or gone. That will lead to two additional rounds of chemo. The other good thing is, on that timeline, if we are at zero today I can return to work and won't need to go on long term disability. Keeping my job and benefits would be a definite plus. 

This morning I cleaned out my pantry and found a ton of candy I brought for the nurses and other patients. But I saved this for myself and its making me happy:
Yeahhhhhh buddy! I also found the mother load of Cadbury Eggs and candy canes. STALE CANDY CANES ommmmmgahhhh! (I kept those. Sorry, nurses.)

Now, I'm waiting for them to take me to see Dr. Sehbai. It's been a month since I've seen him, so you know I'm stoked! I will continue to update and blog throughout the afternoon, and post to the book and Twits when I get my number! 

Using my Pom Pom Olivia and Jamie sent me to chant: "zero zero zero!!!"

Done with Dr. Sehbai now. My ALT is elevated (the same as what's elevated in my son, and is a liver enzyme,) which is a result of chemo. They are going to keep an eye on it for now and not make changes to my chemo regimen today. Dr. Sehbai is going to talk with Dr. Cowabunga about this, and come up with a plan of attack if the trend continues. Blood work-wise, the good news is that my ANC or all over neutrophil count is still good (around 2,800,) which means no neupogen. Neupogen is a white cell (neutrophil,) booster. It has terrible side effects, mainly bone pain, which was debilitating the first time I had the injections. We are talking the kind of pain that just makes you lose your mind. First I tried getting in the tub, that didn't work ... I got out and was just walking around the house, trying to get comfortable, sitting, standing, lying.... Crying and telling Jim I couldn't do chemo anymore, ever again, begging him not to "make me go back." At that point, I thought it was chemo side effects. Finally, Jim gave me five full milligrams of Valium, plus a dilaudid (painkiller, hydromorphone.) About an hour later, I was ok and resting. But, yeah. I'm good with not taking that stuff! The good news is, oddly, if you take Claritin, it helps. So if I know in advance I can do that. 

I'm still at chemo, its about 4:30. No labs yet. My stomach is churning!!! I've already had my vincristine, and am about to have my second infusion, cyclophosphamide. That's a 30 minute infusion so I should be good to go soon. 

5:30 PM: 
No labs at chemo!!! They are going to call me when they get them, though. Ugh!!! Hate waiting! 

In other news, I'm feeling pretty badly after this round. My stomach feels like I rode all the roller coasters, after funnel cakes and a slurpee plus popcorn. I'm also having some pain in my back and tummy. My nasal passages are burning and hurting and my nose won't stop running so I have a wicked sinus headache brewing. Can't wait to get home and crawl in bed .... In the car with Jim now. Mike and Sandy (my in laws,) are driving Jack back to our place which is really nice. We wouldn't be able to get through this without them, so, big ups Mike and Sandy! Love you! 

So the jury is in ..... Drumroll......

My number is 6. I'm not even going to get started on how I'm feeling but I spoke with Dr. Sehbai, and he said he thinks two more rounds is going to be good, so I can go back to work, which is a huge plus. Unfortunately, with my liver enzymes being elevated, my regimen might get changed, so cross your fingers and toes it gets better so I can go on course to get back on that day.

Thanks to everyone who has been watching and waiting to hear my number..... Love to you all. 


  1. Thats Amazing! Youre almost there! Vik and I are rooting for you! <3

  2. Wow, the last couple of days has been so full of ups and downs - but 6! That's wonderful! Congratulations, Kat. You've definitely worked hard for that six. Two more weeks. Stay strong.