Saturday, July 6, 2013

Such Great Heights

Keeping it low key today....
Jack is all dressed up! This outfit is actually one of the very first things I ever bought for him. You may remember it from the pregnancy post. We bought it the day we found out Jack was a boy! I have just been relaxing and cleaning all morning.... I like to make sure things are pretty tidy over the weekend so when I start chemo I'm not all arrrggggghhhh freaking out over a cluttered house. I also made some fudge from this Pinteresting website:

It is still cooling in the fridge, but I will update you later on how it turns out. It was way too easy for me to get my cookie fix, so I think I will be heading to Food Lion (or grocery kitten,) in a few to get some supplies to make THESE:
I think we have a cake batter theme going here today.... 
Sometimes I go on red velvet kicks, too. Maybe I will do up red velvet cookies, too?

I have actually made the above cookies before, and they were a huge hit. Both Jim and my cousin, Dan, were making fun of me, saying that sprinkles in cookies make no difference at all, and that the extra chocolate chips were overkill but then they devoured them. 

I love baking, but I haven*t been doing much of it lately. I think this is sad because I have a captive audience of nurses and staff at TCC to take this stuff off my hands, so I*m not getting huge over here. 
One thing I would really like to try is macaroons. Want to move to Paris and help me find a chef to train me? Something tells me they may be difficult. 

I also just want to post this GEM of a photograph, of a unicorn that Jim drew for me. I think its lovely. 
He is looking super fly! 

So for now, iced coffee and hanging out with Jim, now that he's done napping....

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