Monday, July 1, 2013

Round 3

Today starts round 3 of chemo. That's
42 days down. It seems like I just started yesterday, seriously. I got some really awesome packages today ... One was addressed to Jim and he got so excited then was SO SAD because it turned out to be my tutu, just that I had used his card to buy it. Poor Jim. Meanwhile, I was like: 

Over my tutu. Because its just tutu cute!!
I love it. If you want one you can buy it here:

I also got a very very special package from my sorority sister, Laura. 

That uniform is the same as the first uniform her adorable husband ever wore.  They are just a fantastic family. They have 3 beautiful children. Brian spends a lot of time deployed .... He's a helicopter pilot! Jim was totally jealous of my custom hats. 

Then I went to the mailbox and this happened:

HANDMADE, gorgeous hats from my friend Sue. She is truly a goddess and such a talented knitter. Is that a word? Knitter? Knit goddess. Very beautiful. Jim said this one: 
"Looks like something Joan of Arc would wear under her armor." I really like the description and feel like I am sort of going into battle, so it's appropriate. 
This one I LOVE, it's like a cross between a baby hat and a ski hat. My head gets cold in the A/C, and I even sleep in hats, so the more the merrier. 
This purple one is so regal. 
We also received a gift for Jack:

It has a tiny J on it. This is from our friend Scott. He's a firefighter and jeweler. He did my engagement ring as well. His custom work is flawless. 
Chillin, wearing a ring like Daddy. 
Here is a beautiful shot of it up close, with the added bonus of seeing my ring. 

We also got this from Father Joe: 
He's a good friend to our family, and the Buffalo Fire Dept. Chaplain. He's a great listener and an awesome all around guy. 

And this, from the Fuchs. They are friends of my in laws:
That's a lot of praying and good juju, for sure. Thanks so much. 

So, for now I'm blogging from the chemo chair again. When I came in today, they were having a hard time getting "blood return" from my port. I guess a little tiny sheeth of blood had dried and was preventing it from coming out. Scared the SHIT outta me, let me just tell ya. But they got it and my blood is on the way to the lab. Looks like my hemoglobin is going up and up so I won't need a transfusion. Phew. I really am kind of worked up at the idea of someone else's blood inside me. Call me crazy. 

My "all over neutrophil count," or ANC was initially 1459. That's good but its probably because the neupogen is working which means, sad face, that I will more than likely be getting two more injections this week. TCC even has people here during the holiday JUST for special people like me. ): jerks. Trying to keep me safe. Bahhhh. Also, on the 4th of July, I'm going on a ferry boat to see fire works, so there will be lots of people and germs and icky floating around. So I should be careful, I suppose..... They came back and said my ANC is actually more like 1,750. Getting there! 

We won't have my hcg numbers for a little while, usually around 6ish or when I'm just getting ready to leave. I hate the waiting. At the moment, I'm just sitting here getting fluids, waiting for my "chemistry" to come back. Once they see that and it's all clear, they mix my anti-puke cocktail. It includes some really good stuff called Aloxi, Emend, decadron.... I think they give me a few others, but Jim is in charge of knowing the names of the meds. I'm no good at it. 


The lab person went home at 5, so I didn't get my updated hcg. I also didn't get a definitive answer about my neupogen. So, I texted Dr. Sehbai. If anyone can fix it its him. Here's where we came after: 
Juicy, deliciousness. I also had a chocolate cherry shake. I also fully intend to go home and eat dinner. Mike and Sandy made us roasted chicken! AND babysat. They rule. 

Don't judge me on the food. I skipped lunch. I have actually gained a pound since having chemo. It's the steroids. I can't wait til this is done and I can just exercise. 

I'm feeling kind of ill after this chemo. Nauseous and tummy ache. And very very very fatigued. Going to rest. 

Update: we got the hcg back, and I'm DOWN TO 107!!!! Almost in the double digits!! Whoooooo hoo!! And a special shout out to Dr. S for calling me personally to tell me those results. It was 580 last week. 
Awesome sauce. 

We saw this rainbow about an hour after getting the 107 news.  

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